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Tegan Rush: Marketing Major

Image is of Tegan Rush

Going to USI has always been something that Tegan Rush knew he would do. As a boy, he spent a lot of free time tooling around campus on his bike. These trips always involved a visit to the campus bookstore to visit his mother and the staff. USI was like a second home.

With a natural aptitude for math and desire to work with people, Rush began studying to be a math teacher. However he was open to explore other options. One of his long-time family friends at the bookstore suggested that his natural talent for working with people would suit him for a career in marketing.

"The Marketing professors really make the class," said Rush. "Both Dr. Choe and Dr. Shields do a good job making the class entertaining and educational. Outside of class, they are so easy to talk to." Rush stresses that the College of Business has a family atmosphere. "All of the faculty members will help you even if your major is not in their discipline. They are happy to be here at USI and it shows."

Rush also acts as captain of USI's club sport, Ultimate Frisbee. "I had dabbled around with it in middle school and loved it. Once I got out here, someone from the bookstore told me there was a team here at USI, and the rest is history," said Rush. "There are all sorts of people on the team with all different majors. Ultimate Frisbee has no refs and few written rules. The players play like gentlemen with good sportsmanship. Practice helps with team building which leads into the business skills of leadership, communication, and cooperation." The team travels all around the region and South competing in tournaments.

Going into his senior year, Rush looks forward to working on class projects and networking with other business professionals. "I am learning so much in the Career Planning and Professional Development class. This class brings in CEOs and upper level management from local business and industry to help us prepare for life after graduation. A lot of these people are USI alumni. Right now, we are learning about resume key words, how to make contacts, and important business etiquette I would never have learned these elsewhere. It is very beneficial."

In less than a year, Rush will be leaving his familiar home and heading out into the wide world to find a job. He knows he will have a large USI network of family and friends that have prepared him to step outside of his comfort zone and away from home.

Story by Barbara Goodwin
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