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Dr. Greg Valentine
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Major Requirements

What courses do I need to take to earn a degree in Business Education?

Implementation Date: Fall 2011

CIS 151 Computer Applications in Business 3 hours
BSED 291 Desktop Publishing and Web Design
3 hours
FIN 208 Personal Financial Management 3 hours

NOTE: The following courses must be completed and are offered every other semester.  Students must consult with the coordinator of the Business Education Program in order to determine when they must take these courses:

BSED 393 Methods of Teaching Computer Courses 3 hours
BSED 397 Methods of Teaching Business Education 3 hours


15 hours


EDUC 221 Diversity/Equity in Ed. 3 hours
EDUC 283 Exploration in Sec. Ed & School 3 hours
EDUC 284 Intro. Clinical Exp Sec. Ed. 3 hours
EDUC 383 Analysis of Sec. Curric & Pedagogy 3 hours
EDUC 384 Adv. Clinical Exp. Sec. Ed. 3 hours
EDUC 439 Classroom Mngt & Data-based Decision Making 6 hours
EDUC 473 Supervised Student Teaching 6 hours

TOTAL professional education courses:  

27 hours

123 total hours with a minimum 2.75 GPA within College of Business and University Core.  These hours must include classes to meet the 39-hour upper division (300/400 level) course requirements. 


This information does NOT take the place of meeting
with your advisor! The requirements listed here are
the current requirements and may not match your
designated degree program.

How do I know which classes I should take each semester for a major in Business Education?

Vocational Business Education (Career/Technical Education) Endorsement:  6 hours

To be a candidate for the vocational business education (CTE) endorsement, you must hold the business education license and complete the following course work:

BSED 571 Principles and Philosophy of Vocational Education (spring semester) 3 hours
BSED 591

Managing In-School Labs and Coordinating Business, Career, and Technical Education Programs
(fall semester)

3 hours

In addition to the preceding course work, you must have 4,000 clock hours of successful business/office-related employment; this must be documented employment.  Retail work experience (sales clerk) is not acceptable as documented employment unless you worked as the accountant, shipping/receiving clerk, or in some other special capacity.

You may begin to work on the course work requirements as an undergraduate in the Business Teacher Education Program; however, you will not receive this endorsement to your license until all legal requirements established by the Indiana Professional Standards Board have been met.

Coverage: The holder of the vocational business endorsement is eligible to teach state-approved vocational subjects in business education, organize and manage an intensive office laboratory and/or in-school business laboratory, coordinate a cooperative program with students from all office occupational areas, and coordinate an interdisciplinary cooperative education (ICE) program.

All vocational business education courses are offered via distance education.

See the Indiana Department of Education website for additional information: