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The Business and Engineering Center

Opened in Fall 2010, the Business and Engineering Center represents the college's growth as an academic unit preparing graduates who are a cut above.  Other accomplishments show clear evidence of the college's growth and special position in the region.

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Image is the view of the building from the quad
View from the Quad

Image is the view of the building from the lake
View from the lake

Schematic Design

This building has a distinct character that is the result of providing a shared building for two programs conventionally thought of as separate.  By putting the College of Business and the Engineering Department under one roof, the University of Southern Indiana has set the stage for cross disciplinary collaboration and innovation.

The 117,000 square foot classroom and laboratory building is sited at the southwest corner of the University’s southern quadrangle.  It was positioned and shaped to define the southern quadrangle while maintaining views to Reflection Lake from the quadrangle and from Rice Library.

The building serves both Business and Engineering programs interdependently, providing both dedicated and shared classroom/laboratory space.  The design allows each program to have a distinct identity, yet overlap in a shared central atrium. The atrium serves all of the collaborative activities within the building and has dramatic views towards the lake and the quadrangle.  The atrium is an active space that promotes a vibrant synergy between the two programs.

Predominant building materials are brick, limestone, and glass, and they were chosen to connect the new building with the existing campus structures.   The Engineering Department is clad in an ochre brick, while the College of Business is clad in limestone and masonry.  Large areas of glass provide light and views while making public the activities within the building.  Entry to the building occurs along a seam between the Business and Engineering programs. Arrival is enhanced by the atrium; a space filled with views, natural light, and collaboration.


Floor Plans

Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image for each floor.

Lower Level 
Lower Level of Business and Englineering Center
First Floor 
First Floor of Business and Engineering Center
Second Floor 
Second Floor of Business and Engineering Center
Third Floor 
Third Floor of Business and Engineering Center


A groundbreaking ceremony for the University of Southern Indiana’s Business and Engineering Center was held Thursday, July 10, 2008, at the southwest corner of the USI Quadrangle next to the Technology Center. 

Image is from the groundbreaking

Funding and Donations

Bonding authorization for the $29.9 million building was approved by the 2007 Indiana General Assembly.